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Vanagon Westy Solar Panel - Battery Charger Details

Kyocera Solar panel - 130 watt -7.39 amp - 17.6 volt - 56.1" x 25.7" x 1.4" - 26.8 lbs. - 20 year warranty

Z bracket feet for RV mounting - set of four

Morningstar ProStar 15 amp 12/24 volt controller

Anderson 50 amp connectors - 8

2A-1002 10-2/C Type TC 600V Sun Resistant Direct Burial wire - 115'

All items purchased  from - Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

          Panel was mounted on the roof using stainless steel boat hatch hinges with removable hinge pins, bolted to the panel and to the supplied Z feet brackets.  The Z feet brackets were bolted directly to the roof using stainless steel hardware and a plastic washer interface.  This arrangement allows the panel to be tilted to the left and right and removed for field placement or storage.  Three 35' extension cords were made up using the wire and connectors specified above.  The controller is connected directly to an auxiliary battery under the drivers seat.


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