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Model Trains

LIONEL  & Lionel-like 0-gauge specialist.


My LIONEL Train personal collection  is now up for sale

Please click on the above link to see the comprehensive list.  Contact me by E-mail or phone to have any questions answered.


I have been a LIONEL train owner, operator since 1947.  I know and have run these trains  for many years and have a permanent operating layout in my home.  I have built with the help of my daughter, April many Christmas-time layouts.  I have designed and built layouts for others and train shows.  I have a 4' x 8' portable layout with two main lines, a reversing loop, three sidings and completely sceniced to scale that had gone to many train shows and other public venues. I have kept all my trains and those of countless others in running condition so why not yours ? Resurrect you childhood dreams from their hiding place or bring your current problem to me for attention.  If your not interested in keeping your trains I may be interested in purchasing them.  Your welcome to come for a visit.  Please call first for an appointment though.

Repairs - Service - Restoration

Repairs, service and restoration to all LIONEL & Lionel-like engines, rolling stick and operating accessories.

Layout & Diorama Design & Construction




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