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Vanagon Westfalia Luggage Rack Improvement

          The luggage rack on all Volkswagen Westfalia’s have four drain holes to allow water to drain out and down to the drip rail for evacuation.  These four holes are large enough for small debris, leaves, twigs and other particles of nature to collect under the roof rack and sit on the roof under the rack causing detrimental damage to the roof of the van.  Because of this, the roof rack should be removed at least once a year to clean and protect the roof area under the roof rack.  I have here a solution to this small but detrimental problem.  Install four screen water filters used on inlet hoses of washing machines and or dish washers.  These small screens can be had at any good hardware store and are exactly the correct size to fit in the holes of the luggage rack.  The procedure is as follows:  Remove the roof rack, clean the roof well and Krown oil, clean the area around the hole with a good solvent, then glue the screens in place using Black RTV Silicone.  Now reinstall the roof rack.







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