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1.9 & 2.1 Vanagon Waterboxer Stainless Steel Exhaust System Installation tips


Use Loctite Ultra Copper High Temp RTV Silicon sealant on all joint gaskets.


Make sure all mating surfaces are flat and clean, especially those on the heads.


It is highly recommended to repair all exhaust port flange thread holes before installing your new exhaust header pipes.  For best results install Helicoils in all thread holes.  Then use the stainless steel bolts and washers provided for the header to exhaust port connections.  You can modify the tabs of the push rod tube covers by making the holes into slots so that they can be installed or removed without removing the bolts.  Make sure that all holes in the header pipe flanges line up with the exhaust port holes.  If necessary tweak the header pipes so that the holes line up properly and there is no tension on the sides of the bolts. 


Check the CAT.  One end may not have a beveled surface for the doughnut gasket provided at the muffler connection.  You may have to create the bevel with a rotary grinder.


The connections at both ends of the J-pipe and CAT use loose flanges with doughnut gaskets.  This feature will allow the installer to adjust the system to in maximum road clearance with the least amount of joint stress.


Retighten all flange connections after the system has reached operating temperature and cooled.


Check all flange connections periodically for tightness. 


2.1 Oxy sensor is generic model.  You must cut and splice on your old OEM plug to the new sensor.  Wire joints must be crimped with the provided connecters and covered with the provided heat shrink.  Stager the joints so they are not near one another.  The original covering for the three wires can be used to cover the new joints if you plan ahead for this.


2.1 Front header pipes have a small brace which must be loose when installing and tightened only after the complete system has been installed and all connecter hardware has been tightened.


Please note that all stainless steel hardware on supplied parts are in the orientation that they must be fitted.


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