Seal kit, Westy pop-top & luggage rack, WESTYRUBBER

Seal kit, Westy pop-top & luggage rack, WESTYRUBBER
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Product Code: Seal, Westy pop-top only, BD
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Seal kit, Westy pop-top & luggage rack, WESTYRUBBER.  Supplied by The Bus Depot.


NOT ALL POPTOP SEALS ARE THE SAME. See Details to learn why this kit is FAR superior to all others. For 74-91 Westfalia Camper. Complete kit does poptop, luggage rack, and flat seal in between.


Detailed Description

Our in-house designed poptop seal kit looks more original, protects better, and installs in a fraction of the time compared to any other seal on the market. No need to use glue, no need to loosen/remove your luggage rack. Better insulation and rainwater drainage than any other kit. Embedded aluminum clips that won't rust out like the original seals. See below for full details on why ours is the best on the market, despite its low price.


Pop Top Seal:
This seal insulates and keeps rain out, protecting your canvas. If yours is sagging, the metal clips inside have rusted. Our replacement installs in ten minutes, and uses aluminum clips so it will never rust. Most replacement “poptop seal” sold elsewhere is actually just a generic “off the shelf” weatherstrip that the retailer buys in big rolls and cuts to size. Not ours. It is specifically designed for the Volkswagen poptop, with an insulation bulb precisely located to match the original German design. This keeps windswept rain from creeping under the seal when your poptop is closed, wetting and eventually mildewing your canvas. In addition, the cosmetic finish looks closer to stock than on any other seal available.

On ’67 and earlier campers (small poptop), this seal goes around all 4 sides. On ’68-73 it goes around the two sides and the rear (you use the Flat Seal, below, for the back), On ’74 and later campers it goes around the two sides and the front (again, you use the flat seal, below, for the remaining side). It is available in pre-cut lengths for all Westfalias, or sold by the foot for custom use on non-Westfalia campers.

 Luggage Rack Edging:

Originally found on '74 and later Westfalias (but also available for '68-73), this seal's primary purpose is cosmetic. It is not meant to block rainwater like the poptop seal, but rather to allow it through, so rainwater in the luggage rack can drain out into the rain gutters. Ours is designed for that purpose, and also can be installed without loosening or removing the luggage rack. This makes the installation quick and easy, and avoids the risk of the luggage rack not reinstalling snugly (which can cause wind noise). By comparison, other retailers sell the same generic weatherstrip they use for poptop seal (see above) and call it luggage rack seal. Bad idea. Not only does their seal trap water under your luggage rack, but its fatter profile requires you to loosen or remove the luggage rack to install it- turning a 10 minute job into a two hour job (or longer if you have trouble snugging the luggage rack back up when you're done). As with our poptop seal, our luggage rack seal uses no-rust aluminum clips.

Flat Seal:
On '68 and later Westfalias, this is the seal that goes along the leading edge of the poptop where it comes down to meet the luggage rack. Ours is the only flat seal that has an imbedded clip for attachment, so it installs in minutes. Our competitors' versions must actually be glued to your poptop.




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