POR-15ed Refurbished Used Parts

POR-15ed Refurbished Used Parts.  See <http://www.por15.com> for details on this protective coating product used on these reconditioned parts.  Please contact us before ordering any of these POR-15ed Refurbished Used Parts as there is not an unlimited supply of them and we do not always have them in stock ready for shipment.  Also, if you have an old part to turn in we can give you credit for your core if is a good candidate for refurbishing.  Some of the typical core payments or credits are as follows: Propane tanks - $50, Throttle bodies - $50, 1.9 Thermostat housings, $25.  Bell housings, $50, Other parts depending on their scaricty and market value.  All cores must be sent prepaid by Postal system delivery only.  Please contact us before shipping any cores.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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Engine carrier, 025 199 203D
Engine carrier,025 199 203D.  Used, refurbished, POR-15ed, excellent condition.  May be..
Engine carrier, 070 199 203 A
Engine carrier, 070 199 203 A.  Used, refurbished, POR-15ed, excellent condition.  May ..
Muffler support bracket and strap, 1.9.  Used, refurbished, POR-15ed.  Not always avail..