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We are now the largest supplier of Vanagon/T3, Vanagon/T3 Westfalia parts in Canada, with nearly a $200,000 inventory.  We are also an offical Propex Heater dealer and a VW Classic Parts dealer, able to procure obsolete parts for all models of VWs built since 1945.   Since May of 2016 we no longer do any service work, please contact Eurotek Motors  here in Almonte for all your Vanagon/T3 & Vanagon/T3 Westfalia service needs.  



Westy New Interior Red Doka Westy New Interior 3 Westys 1987 Joker hi-top rear 1987 Joker hi-top 1987 Westy 1987 Joker & Westy Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Westy New Paint Westy New Paint Westy New Paint & Canvass

VW Bus/Vanagon/T3 ('80 -> '91)

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