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Please be aware as of July 09, 2022 we are no longer a PROPEX distributor. In an ongong effort to retire we have sold the Propex distributorship to VAPS in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC We want to wish Robert all the best in this new endevor. If you need any PROPEX Heatsource produts please contact www.garagevaps.com.
Thanks to all our loyal customers !
We have just added a explanation of all the order processing fees.  Please read this before placing an order so you will be aware of what these fees are all about.

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We have just become an official SCHWENK SPRINGS dealer for Vanagon/T3/Westfalias in Canada




We are now the largest supplier of Vanagon/T3/Westfalia parts in Canada, with nearly a $200,000 inventory.  We are also an offical Propex Heater dealer, a JP Group A/S, Classic Line dealer, VW Classic Parts dealer and a SCHWENK Springs for Vanagons dealerable to procure obsolete parts for all models of VWs built since 1945.  Since May of 2016 we no longer do any service work, please contact Eurotek Motors  here in Almonte for all your Vanagon/T3/Westfalia service needs.  



Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Red Doka 3 Westys 1987 Joker hi-top 1987 Joker hi-top rear Westy New Interior 1987 Joker & Westy 1987 Westy Westy New Interior Westy New Paint Westy New Paint Westy New Paint & Canvass Westy Syncro front Westy Syncro back

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Over 40 years of experience helping you solve your Mechanical problems. Visit each one of our Links on this site to learn more about our business dedicated to serving you.

VW Vanagon & Vanagon Westfaila service, repair, restoration, parts & accessories. Complete comprehensive diagnostics and economical repair of mechanical and electrical problems. Engine overhauls and replacements.

I own a 1987 Westy with nearly 700,000 km on the clock having travelled with it extensively throughout North America, see my Travel Blog. I have been a long time member of the Vanagon Mailing List , CCVWC, LIMBO and IWCCC. I know these vehicles very well. If you have a problem I can fix it ! If you need parts and are tired of paying those high VW dealer prices or ordering from the USA contact me. I can help you!  We are now importing parts directly from Germany and have made a recent association with The Skylight Guy. If you want your Vanagon to be the best it can be...call or come see me now!


I my past, I have worked extensively with British Sport Cars, Road raced motorcycles in Canada and the USA for seven years.  Owned and operated a Dairy Goat operation in Northern Quebec for 17 years with Goat Cheese as the major emphasis.  Restored and renovated heritage houses in the Ottawa valley and sat on the Heritage Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee in Almonte, Ontario.  And now run and operate Frank Condelli & Associates where I service, restore and provide parts for the Volkswagen Vanagon vans and Westfalia campers.


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