Order processing fees - explained

Taxes: this is the sales tax applied to your purchase by the local government of your location.  It is applied to the cost of the products and the cost of the shipping.
Shipping: this is the actual cost of moving your order from us to you by Canada Post who we use exclusivly.
Handling fees (5%) This is comprised of two factors:  
3% Payment processing fee unless paid by Email Interac where there are no charges, available only in Canada.  
2% This is for material needed to process the order:  boxes, paper, ink, tape, and other office supplies.  
We choose to separate these fees from the cost of the product, other vendors add them to the cost of the product, therefore you may not always see a true price comparison between the cost of our product and those offered by our competitors. Furthermore, if you are in Canada and pay by Email Interac we will refund you the 3% payment processing fee.  This cannot be done automatically due the constraints of our website software.  Therefor, either wait before paying by “Bank Transfer” until you receive the corrected amount to pay or pay the amount due on the invoice and you will receive the 3% as a refund.