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Vanagon Painting & Rustproofing


     Rust proofing and painting, a combination that can save your van but needs to be executed in the proper fashion for success.  It would be much better to have rust treatments like Krown Oil spray AFTER the paint work is done.  The oil used in the Krown and other similar rust treatment systems will prevent the paints & primers from penetrating into the seams.  All rusted areas and seams need to be cleaned properly.  The lower seams which usually have the rusting problem need to be cleaned of the seam sealer as best possible, using small wire brushes, picks, wires or whatever works.  Do not replace the seam sealer.  Leaving the seams open allows for the rust treatment substance to travel there. These areas should then be flooded with rust converter or etching compound, if using POR-15, then top coated with rust inhibiting primer or paint such as POR-15. You must follow the directions of the product you choose to use, my preference is POR-15, but there are others that work.  Then the proper primers, primer sealers and finishing paints applied THEN do the Krown treatment. 

    Get behind as many panels as possible to clean up the rust and do the rust treatment.  The rusting you see on the outside is just the tip of the ice berg.  There is always a bigger problem on the other side.  This seam rusting is primarily caused by condensation on the inner walls of the vehicle and is much more prevalent on the camper models which are insulated with Fiberglas batting which retains this moisture.  To do a really perfect job, all this insulation should be removed and replaced with a non moisture retention type of insulation such as Styrofoam.





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