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Please note that I will be away from my business traveling from December 16 until April 30, 2018.  Parts orders will be processed once or twice a week as needed by Stephen.  I will always be available for contact by E-mail.  If you phone, your call will be addressed by Stephen and he will either call you back or advise you to contact me directly by E-mail.


Please contact Eurotek Motors in Almonte for all your Vanagon & Vanagon Westfalia service needs.



Westy New Interior Red Doka Westy New Interior 3 Westys 1987 Joker hi-top rear 1987 Joker hi-top 1987 Westy 1987 Joker & Westy Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Westy New Interior Westy New Paint Westy New Paint Westy New Paint & Canvass

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